Hello world

Here I am again! New city, new observations. This blog is likely to involve a lot of inane minutia of daily life, but maybe get at some deeper issues, too. Just some observations, solely my biased opinion, which is subject to change at any time. I’m probably not going to write a whole lot about robots, cosplay, ninjas, or anime, so if you’re looking for more travel-related and/or exotic blogs, here is a list of 15 to check out. There will definitely be food around here, though.

I was originally going to call this blog Turning Japanese on the suggestion of my friend C.Cz., but then I bought a pair of rain boots with bows on them and decided that past tense was more appropriate. Well, I will never be Japanese, but I have embraced many aspects of daily life and feel at home, even when seeing life through a foreigner’s eyes.

I know that some that some people who have lived in Japan or who are Japanese will read this blog, so please correct or add in the comments.

Fuji in the distance