I had good intentions to start this blog earlier (a few weeks ago), but alas, it has been painful to get started. If I could only directly plug my thoughts while in the bathtub directly into the blog, it would be epic. I have written veritable novels (or at least really long blog posts) in my head while in the bath, but then the words evaporate. Well, at least I’m left with a list of ideas to work through.

So, baths. My bathroom, literally a bath room, is shown below. The Japanese style of bathing is as follows:

  1. Fill the bath with water if not already full. Tangent: Actually, we keep ours filled all the time and drain it once a week or so. We have a hose so that leftover water can be used in the washing machine. The plastic “lids” in the picture cover the bath and retain the heat a bit.
  2. Turn on the water heater (gas). A friendly voice tells you that the bath has been turned on.
  3. Wait for the cheerful music and friendly voice to tell you that the bath is ready, maybe 30 minutes later or so depending on the water temperature beforehand. The water has been heated and topped up if the tub wasn’t full.
  4. In the bathroom, wash your body and hair using buckets of hot water from the bath or the handheld shower head. You can splash around since again, it’s literally a bath room.
  5. Once clean, get into the tub for a soak.

This is the procedure in public baths as well as at home. Wash first, then bath!



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