Fad drinks

Every country has fads and crazes, especially related to food and drink. I don’t know if Japan is more prone to fads than most, but I would hazard a guess that it may be. It is also a land of an awesome variety of bottled beverages that are readily accessible in the ubiquitous vending machines and convenience stores (konbinis).

I might talk about vending machines in another post, but for now, please note that you can get cold and hot drinks from vending machines (the hot ones are indicated with a red bar underneath).


I LOVE getting bottled green tea from a vending machine and am very happy about the availability of no caffeine / no sugar bottled teas like barley and rooibos. Lately, though, a bit of silliness has caught my eye in the drink department:


Yes, the bottle says “H2”. That is, it’s called Hydrogen Water. Now, I’m pretty weak in the Chemistry department, but as far as I know, “hydrogen water” is very much redundant. You can find this stuff for sale everywhere, including a special station at my gym. If any proponents of hydrogen water happen to read this, please enlighten me, but for now, I’m putting it in my “dumb” category.

Tonics, vitamin boosters, energy drinks, sports drinks, etc. etc. are also extremely popular. I’ve had one with the lovable name Pocari Sweat (“ion water”) a couple of times. Like Gatorade, but white and with less sugar. I also tried Amino Water because I saw a gym instructor drinking it. Pretty much the same as Pocari Sweat.

Another current drink craze seems to be Blood Orange Orangina. I haven’t tried it, but it seems to be Orangina, only darker and with an edgier label. I see it in all the supermarkets and konbinis. Check out this massive display in one supermarket. That is seriously a lot of Orangina. Each of the crates is full to the floor, and probably a metre and a half high.


I think I’ll stick with my green tea.


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