Expensive fruit

Fruit is very expensive in Japan. You may have heard of stories like two melons being sold for more than US$20,000. Alas, I can’t tell you what a multi-million yen melon tastes like, but even day-to-day in the grocery store, I’m put off by the prices (and I lived in Western Australia, for goodness’ sake). Apples, for example, are often 298 yen each. To do a very rough estimate in dollars (US, CAD, AUS), divide the price in yen by 100. So that means about $2.98 for a single apple.

I very much love mikkan (tangerines that are similar to Clementines), which are cheap and abundant in winter, but they’re disappearing from the stores now. So sad. I had expected more cheap summery fruit to appear, but not yet…

Anyway, some photos of more everyday fruit pricing is below, subject of course to seasonal availability!


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