Summer in Japan is glorious, but there are mosquitoes. Lots and lots, and they’re big and blood-thirsty. This is the case in many places across the world, of course, but Japan is definitely bad.

A couple days ago, Y was complaining that he had been bitten twice on our way home in the evening, and I said, “oh my leg feels weird; maybe I got bitten, too.” Next thing I knew…*SMACK* *BLOOD SPLATTER* *OW*! Y had caught a mozzie in the act of biting me. Thanks for dispatching her, honey. Yesterday, I was outraged at the audacity of the mozzie that got me on my face, right on my cheekbone.

Fortunately, there is Muhi. Aka, the best thing ever.

File Aug 23, 20 03 28

Muhi comes as a cream in a tube (as shown above) or in a thinner liquid that you can roll on.

When I get mosquito bites, they usually swell up quite a bit, often to 4 cm across (ugh), but when I put on Muhi, the swelling goes down in a minute or two, and the itching disappears quickly.

I got a ton of bites in Western Australia—primarily in the uni gym and occasionally at work in the Law Library—but even if I used Stingose or tea tree oil, the swelling and itching still stuck around for a few days. Maybe I’m just more allergic to antipodean mozzies?

Anyway, if you’re a preferred target for mosquitoes, pick up some Muhi if you ever visit Japan.


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