Takoyaki is a much-beloved Japanese food, particularly enjoyed at summer festivals and most famous in Osaka. It consists of a piece of octopus surrounded by a pancakey batter that’s formed into a ball shape while grilled. Hubby came across (and bought) a make-your-own kit for enjoying the joys of takoyaki at home.

The kit came with all the necessary tools: a bucket for mixing and pouring the batter, a whisk, a turner, a tool for spreading oil in the pan, and most importantly, the takoyaki pan that’s designed for grilling perfectly formed balls.

Oil spreading tool and turner

The batter consists of flour, eggs, water, and soy sauce and/or dashi.

Mixing the batter

Oil is spreading into each of the holes in the pan, and then a piece of octopus is placed in each. The batter is poured in, and then green onions added. Usually pickled ginger is also added here, but we didn’t have any.

Pouring the batter

The exciting part comes when it’s time to turn the takoyaki and form the batter into balls while it’s being grilled.

Turning the takoyaki

Takoyaki is typically dressed with takoyaki sauce (similar, or the same?, as okonomi sauce), mayonnaise, bonito flakes, and powdered nori.

Ready to eat
With salad!

Takoyaki professionals have amazing turning technique. Mesmerizing!


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