Tokyo snow photo

This is what it looks like when it snows in Tokyo / Yokohama.


Click through to the Japan Times article to see larger.


Don’t do illegal stuff

I’m not sure why, but I just really get a kick out of this poster on the wall at my Japanese school, advising us students to not do illegal stuff. (Apparently these are areas where foreigners are particularly recruited.)

A new alert

I wrote previously about the weather and disaster alerts that I receive on my phone. Well, today I woke up to a new one.

The graphic’s meaning wasn’t immediately obviously and I can’t read very well, but the words “missile” and “North Korea” jumped out straight away. The alert is advising people in northern Japan to take cover as missiles have been fired from North Korea. As far as I know, the missiles passed over Japan and landed in the sea. Who knows what will happen next. There’s not much else to say, except that North Korea-related jokes are in poor taste, and it’s all quite scary.

And if anyone is curious, the alert shown for Saturday in my screenshot was for summer smog. Not nearly so worrying!